The aim of the official site is to engage customers to use the consulting service of an Internet insurance startup, and it also attracts new staff and convinces our investors.

My Role

Product Manager

UX designer

Team Member

Wenjun Wan, Graphic Designer

Jun Wu, Front-End Developer

Applied Skills


UI Design


Product Requirement Document


Low Fidelity Mocks


Free2ask is a newly-founded startup of Internet insurance industry, and it is in urgent need of an official site to display our services and provide consulting entry. Moreover, the official site should also build a brand to engage new staff and convince investors that it is a formal company.

Besides the clear layout and the consistent visual elements, the UX writing of this site is another bright spot. Unlike some kinds of rude entries like Baidu Bridge, customers in our site can fully understand what we do before they access the entry.

The company's official site:


Free2ask is an internet insurance company which provides insurance consulting services through Internet platforms such as Wechat or its Official Account. Due to the younger life of Free2ask, all the stakeholders such as customers, business partners, investors and staff tend to use search engines to confirm whether the company is reliable. Therefore, an official site with simple and clear design is in urgent demand.

Design Goal

The website is primarily for business use: we provide product showcase and insurance wiki to clients so as to invite them to access our consulting entry. We also try to keep the website simple and clean, yet stylish so as to make it trustworthy but vigorous.

Target Audience

Business Partners, New Constumers, Future Clients and Investors

Main Functions

Consulting Entry, Product Showcase, News Update, Company Profile

Competitive Analysis

We learn from competitive analysis that most of the competing companies apply traditional layout of navigation so as to convey more information. As a newly-founded startup, we use big-picture layout in order to attract the guests at their first sight.

Bright Spot

Good visual design especially illustrations can evoke people's emotions, and good UX writing also has the same effect which is likely to be ignored in most cases. Instead of a modal box stuck on the screen (Baidu Bridge), there are plenty of warm copywriting in our site to clarify our vision and products to clients.

Unlike monotonous copywriting from other conservative official sites, we draw on three perspective of narrations. The first person narration can arouse emotional feedback, which we put on the first sight of the page. The second person narration can clarify what we do and provide and the third one is to increase reliability.


To integrate stakeholders into the design process is a principle of User-Centered Design. A prototype is a good means of communication, and which stakeholders should participate in discussion depends on which stage the prototype is in.

In the stage of product requirement document, the vision and the products should be confirmed by the company executives. For the low fidelity stage, designers and developers should be involve to evaluate the possibility of implementation. Finally, all the people from the company can give comments to the relatively complete prototype.

From Product Requirement Document to Low Fidelity Mocks


To summarized this project, I can conclude three points according to the previous three sections:

1. From the perspective of product, a good official site not only can attract more customers, but also can engage new staff to work for the company as well as enhance trust of investors.

2. From the perspective of design bright spot, good copywriting can play an equally important role in emotional resonance as visual design.

3. From the perspective of prototyping, prototypes are a main means of communication on one hand. On the other hand, that different stakeholders participate in different stages of the prototype can increase communication efficiency.